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Inspire Course


Inspire is a comprehensive series of six seminars at Royal Ballet School in the UK for classical ballet teachers.

This innovative teacher program will support continuous professional development for dance professionals in all educational backgrounds and societies.

All seminars are not based on the syllabus and will cover theoretical and practical elements daily. The seminar will begin with exploring the basics of good teaching practice and classical ballet techniques, and will focus on the teaching and learning process to explore various elements of ballet techniques and artistry. In addition to practical classes, it deals with pedagogical topics related to today's dance teachers. Dance teachers can gain valuable Continuous Professional Development (CPD) experience by participating in this inspiring seminar series.

Each seminar encourages teachers to experience all six seminars to gain a complete understanding of the Inspire Series 1.

Participating teachers can receive seminars in any order, but we recommend that you receive them sequentially.

Eligibility and Guidance

  • Date: December 16th (Fri) to December 21st (Wed) 2022


  • First application period: September 26, 2022 (Monday) to the deadline for 20 people


  • Number of people recruited: 20 people on a first-come, first-served basis

* If the tuition payment cannot be confirmed by the registration date after the application, the opportunity will be handed over to the next waiting person.

* If you are waiting, the organizers will contact you individually.​


  • Location: Yewon School, Chung-Ang University Art Center

* It may be changed later.


  • Eligibility: From the age of 21

* A dance educator or a person who is currently interested in dance education


  • Participation information

Series 1: Seminar 1-6


  • Time

Reception: From 9:30 a.m. every day

Seminar: Announcement of time later


  • Inspire Series 1 Certificate of Completion

After completing 6 seminars, the Inspire Series 1 final certificate of completion will be issued.


⦁  Participation fee - 100,000 KRW

⦁  Audition class fee - 3,400,000 KRW  

    Name of bank in English : Wooribank
    Branch adress : 1585 Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea
    Recipient's name: Geung Soo KIM 
    Recipient's account number with WooriBank: 1002-948-483855


⦁  Teachers should wear comfortable clothes and shoes to participate in practical classes. Notebooks/penes and notebooks are recommended.

Special requirements

⦁  For a particular medical and educational support teachers to be notified via email to us in the seminar began a week ago.Responsible for managing the state teachers are their own safety and health care.

Obligation to participation

⦁  Teachers should warm-up themselves and make sure that they are physically ready to participate after lunch or rest.


⦁  Materials and presentations are the intellectual property of the Royal Ballet School and cannot be copied or recorded.

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