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Korea Intensive Course

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The Royal Ballet School is coming to Seoul in December 2020 for a three-day intensive course for 11 to 18-year-olds and a series of masterclasses for 11 to 20-year-olds. There will also be an opportunity to audition for the School and watch the finale showcase of the Intensive program.

Registration Info

The instructors from the Royal Ballet School of the United Kingdom, one of the world's most prestigious ballet schools, are visiting Korea to provide a specialized ballet training program this December. The participants will be students aged 11 to 18 years old, who will be placed in 3 different age groups to receive intensive ballet training.

  •  Application Period: September 18, 2022~ November 25, 2023

*No more than 25 students in a class / the size of the class are subject to be reduced depending on the COVID-19 guidance in South Korea.
* The online registration will close at maximum capacity.

  •  Program dates: December 15 (Fri) – 20 (Wed), 2023

  •  Location: Yewon School / Chung-Ang University Art Center (Heukseok Campus) 

  • Age Requirement: Intensive Course –  age 11 to 18  (as of December 15, 23

Registration Fees

  • Application fee - 120,000 KRW (via international bank transfer)

  • Intensive Course tuition - 1,280,000 KRW (via international bank transfer OR credit card payment)


  • Name of bank in English : Wooribank
    Branch adress : 1585 Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea
    Recipient's name: Geung Soo KIM 
    Recipient's account number with WooriBank: 1002-948-483855

 ✔Upon the receipt of your application form and the application fee, the Royal Ballet School in the UK will review       your application.

 ✔Once you have been accepted to the program in November, you will be notified to register for the Intensive           program by paying the course tuition.

​ ✔Failure to pay for the tuition will mean yielding your place to whoever is next on the waiting list.

 ✔The application fees are non-refundable.



  • Ballet Class(Girls/ Boys), Point Work(Girls)

  • Solos Variation(Girls/ Boys)


  • Solos/Repertoire(Girls/ Boys)

  • Coaching(Girls/ Boys)

✔The course participants will be categorized by age into 3 groups. The registration will close at maximum capacity.


✔There will be 3 classes scheduled per day during the 3-day program.       
    (The agenda is subject to change.)

Photograph requirements

Candidates should upload high resolution original photographs of themselves – one in each of the positions shown below. The applicant’s full name must be included in the filename of each photograph together with the corresponding position number.

Please note the requirements are different dependent on the child’s age and gender.

Girls aged 10-12 should wear a plain leotard with no skirt or frills, bare legs and feet, hair neatly groomed.

13+ should wear a plain leotard, pink tights, soft shoes and need only wear pointe shoes for figure 5 and if not on pointe yet, do position on demi.


Boys aged 10-12 should wear a dance leotard or close fitting t-shirt, dance shorts or footless tights, bare feet.

13+ should wear a fitted white t-shirt, dark tights, white shoes and socks.

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