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About us



World Dance Alliance Korea (WDAK) established in 1990 and has been the most active international dance organization in Korea. We stand for more comprehensive and developmental business purposes as well as the work of the World Dance Alliance.


World Dance Alliance Korea has attracted attention as one of the national headquarters of World Dance Alliance, hosting the first summit, attracting the secretariat, and having the most active and outstanding achievements.


We are an international non-profit organization that expands and develops to vitalize the development of domestic dance industry in a more creative and independent manner.


We strive to provide opportunities to expand the scope of expression of dance and to promote international cultural exchanges through its own activities such as international festivals, performances, and workshops.


We are promote the development of dance both domestically and internationally for the following purposes, and we strive to actively implement the purpose of our establishment by organizing organizations such as the Choreography Subcommittee, the Academic Subcommittee, and the Planning/Welfare Subcommittee.


1. To set a stage for cultural exchanges by planning world-class events under the theme of 'Korea’s Dance to the World and World’s Dance to Korea'.


2. To host workshops in collaboration of renowned dancers from the country and abroad to introduce new trends in the world of dance.


3. To serve as a stepping stone for young dancers to enter the world stage.


4. To encourage the hosting and participation of international academic conferences, workshops, and performances to promote exchanges between foreign dancers and Korean dancers.


5. To lead the globalization of dance by holding a dance festival to create new dances around the world.


6. To lead the way in improving the status of the dancers and promoting their welfare.

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